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blockmole is a socially responsible crypto mining company with a conscience. Our mission is to use Crypto mining to facilitate the development of renewable energy sources, build out sustainable infrastructure and bring positive change to the communities we are mining in. 


Now with our innovative NFT mining product we also aim to make our responsible crypto mining and its rewards accessible to everyone.

Redefining Crypto Mining

At blockmole we wanted to create a truly sustainable mining business.

Not just sustainable in that it uses 100% renewable energy, but that every part of the journey was additive to the world. From recycling the heat generated to warm houses, dry wood, and heat salmon hatcheries; to using the flexibility of Crypto mining to create infrastructure, jobs, and education in underserviced areas of the world. Our goal is to use Crypto mining to create a positive impact on the world and in the process, change the way it is viewed

Making Crypto

mining sustainable


Initial NFT Community


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Sustainable Energy


blockmole with its local partner InfraNorway are expanding into the northern regions of Norway to release trapped renewable power. Much of the hydro opportunities in the north are in areas with little power demand, jobs, or infrastructure. blockmole is using the low connectivity requirements that Crypto mining has to build out the infrastructure in these remote regions, utilising the trapped green power and creating new jobs and opportunities.


Using Crypto mining to facilitate infrastructure growth and expansion, education, and employment, in areas that have historically been underserved

blockmole is working in Paraguay with local partner Penguin Digital. We are helping create an innovative campus project that combines high performance computing data centres with a technology college, training up the next generation of both hardware and software engineers.


To date, the Crypto mining world has only been accessible to those with wealth or in the know. The barriers to entry have prevented the opportunities this space creates to be shared by the world. To be profitable, miners need to have access to cutting edge technology, computers, infrastructure, and power sources – all at the right price.


blockmole’s mission has been to break down these barriers and create a product that makes sustainable crypto mining and its rewards, accessible to everyone. Working with our partner at CUDOS Marketplace we have now created a product that will allow us to open these opportunities to everyone, bringing onboard the next million miners.

Onboarding the next million miners

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Using the latest ASIC mining equipment with cutting-edge computer management systems, we are able to monitor and manage the performance of our operations down to an individual chip level. All our sites are designed to optimise performance, cleanliness, and efficiency. With facilities in Norway and Paraguay we have diverse operating environments but run the sites with the same principles – professional, respectful, sustainable.


Are you ready for the sustainable revolution in crypto?

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