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Sustainable Energy


Reap the rewards of Crypto mining through our collectable NFTs

If you are new to the world of crypto mining and want an easy and accessible way to get involved, look no further than our latest innovative NFT product. Our NFTs are collectible in their own right and have an amount of mining hash rate attached to them. By owning an NFT, you'll own the rights to the Bitcoin mined by this hash rate (after costs) for 4 years, providing a systematic way to accumulate Bitcoin and reap the rewards. Our NFTs will also give owners access to the whole roadmap of extra functionality that we have planned and to be part of the exciting blockmole community.  

Introducing Our Innovative NFT Product


Using Crypto mining to facilitate infrastructure growth and expansion, education, and employment, in areas that have historically been underserved

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Collection 01

Our first collection is a series of long-lost NFT artwork that was discovered by our intrepid blockmoles whilst searching for the entrance to an underground cave system. Each NFT will be sold at auction in May 2023 and will give owners the first ever exclusive passes to our mining hash rate and all of our future events. ​


All our NFTs will be sold and managed on the platform CUDOS Markets.


Miner Quest

Up-Lift is a squid game for moles. Games last a week and every day there are 4 platforms. Choose which platform you put your mole on.

At the end of the day the platform with the least moles goes through to the next day. At the end of day 7 the moles left standing win a share of that week’s big crypto prize. If you won multiple NFT’s you get multiple chances!

Up Lift

Miner Quest gives our moles the opportunity to gamble their days mining rewards. Spend your days mining rewards to send your mole back mining. Different mines have different pay outs. Will your mole return empty handed or bring back 100x your stake?

Touchdown Poker

Pit your mole against other moles in this PvP game of poker. Stake your days earnings to enter the arena and the first mole to get score a touchdown wins its competitors days earnings!

Our intrepid blockmoles are scouring the metaverse for untapped mining reserves. Every time our blockmoles discover a new mine we will be releasing their mining finds as a special collection of NFTs. 


All NFTs from each mine will cost the same amount but will have different levels of rewards attached. Each collection will have 5 tiers of NFTs depending on the scarcity of the item our blockmoles have uncovered. Baseline NFTs will have an amount of attached hash rate attached that reflects the cost of the NFT, and you get to earn the associated mining rewards over the next 4 years. If you are lucky enough to mint a rarer NFT then you could instantly have an NFT that has up to 15x more hash rate attached to it than a base NFT! Imagine making 15x your investment on day 1 and then benefiting from those rewards every day for 4 years!

Heads you win,
tails you win!


Depending on the type of resource at the mine that our intrepid blockmoles discover will determine the number of NFTs that are available and the price point of those NFTs. Different collections will have different price points and with it, different attached hash rates. 

Different mines,
different resources!


Collection 02:


Upon releasing the long-lost artwork trapped in its dusty tomb, our intrepid blockmoles gained access to a labyrinthine network of caves. Digging their way through they have uncovered a peculiar vein of donut like material that morphs and shift continually. Our moles are in the process of bringing these new discoveries to the surface and will feature in our next collection. The properties of this unusual material are still to be tested and will create a truly collectable offering!

Future Collections

Whilst exploring our metaverse, the blockmole team have unearthed some interesting mineral deposits that we will be investigating further once the vein of donuts has been extracted. Some of the objects discovered look to have amazing properties and we will be bringing these new finds to you as we extract them from the core.

Are you ready for the sustainable revolution in crypto?

Visit CUDOS Markets to start your journey with sustainable utility NFTs

Project Roadmap

1. Launch and NFT sale

The first stage is to launch the NFT project and sell the NFTs. The releases will all be available to buy on the AuraPool marketplace. There will be five tiers of NFTs, each with a different associated hash rate. Buyers will enter into a lucky dip system to see which NFT they receive.

2. Mining begins

4 weeks after launch, mining begins. Each NFT gives the holder the right to the Bitcoin mined by the associated hash rate for four years (after costs). The more hash rate associated with the NFT, the more the NFT will earn over its lifespan. The mined Bitcoin automatically drops into your attached BTC wallet.

3. Secondary marketplace

As there is a secondary marketplace, buyers can instantly cash in and sell higher tier NFTs if they want. This will allow for increased liquidity and flexibility for buyers.

4. Skill game release

Within the roadmap of the NFT project, there will also be a series of skill games released that will only be accessible if you own an NFT. These games will have big crypto prizes each week, offering additional earning potential for NFT holders.

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